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AGM and Produce Show 2021

The 2021 AGM and annual produce show will be held on 11th September, 12 noon, near Chard

Below are details of the categories and judging criteria for the 2021 produce show set out in fine detail for those who want to be ultra competitive.

Members are encouraged to have multiple entries per category and to enter multiple categories.

All judges’ decisions will be final.

You are invited to include a short paragraph with your entry giving details that may be of help to the judge. This is more relevant to some categories than others. Please include a list of ingredients as appropriate

Cost of each entry is 20p

All edible entries will be tasted so jars and bottles will be opened by the judge.  There are cash prizes for 1st, 2nd and 3rd in each Class, plus the trophy for the person with the most points – 3 points for 1st, 2 for 2nd and 1 for 3rd place in each Class. 

For 2021 we will have the following categories in our produce show to help celebrate our 45th Anniversary as an association.

1.  A tomato nearest in weight to 45g

   - This will be weighed by the judge using scales accurate to 0.5g

2.  Any complete/entire fruit or veg nearest in length to 45cm

   - Leaves etc that are not normally eaten as part of the item will not be included in the measurement.

   - Items clearly cut to size (eg 45cm of rhubarb not including both ends) will be disqualified by the judge.

3.  An egg, the diameter of which is closest to 45mm. 

   - the egg will be measured in either the vertical or horizontal direction as appropriate.

   - The judge will use use digital callipers and will measure around the largest part of the egg in the orientation closest to 45mm.

4.  Flower display based on the number 45.

   - A short paragraph in support of the entry would be helpful to the judge

5.  Craft item containing the colour ‘sapphire’.

   - Sapphire is sometimes considered the colour associated with 45th anniversaries.  There will be generous flexibility in the shades and quantity of blue included.

   - A paragraph in support of the entry would be of considerable help to the judge.

6.  45 themed celebration cake.

7.  45 themed bread.

8.  Fortified or non-fortified beverage (pronounced forty-fived or non forty-fived!)

   - The bottle should be clearly labelled.

9.  Quiche with 4 or 5 filling ingredients

   -  Please provide a list of the fillings.

10. Pot of jam or jelly

   -  The jar should be clearly labelled

   -  It would be nice but not essential if the main ingredient was produced on the smallholding. 

11. Jar of pickled produce.

   -  Please note this is for pickled items e.g. pickled onions, pickled beetroot, pickled eggs … not for chutneys.

   -  The jar should be clearly labelled

   - Please identify  any home produced ingredients

12. Objet d’art using only items found on your smallholding.

   -  A paragraph in support of the entry indicating how it was made and what it was made from will be of considerable help to the judge.

   -  The intention is that things are not purchased specifically to make this item.

13. Plate of 4 or 5 different types of seasonal  fruit

   -  Produced on the smallholding

14. Plate of 4 or 5 different types of seasonal  veg

   - Produced on the smallholding

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