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The Somerset Smallholders Association (SSA) represents a diverse group ranging from those with a garden and maybe a few chickens through to members who are totally self-sufficient.

All meetings are informal and open to members and non-members alike.

The SSA attends various events and shows around the county to promote both the Association itself and the smallholding way of life.

Our aim is to offer help and support to like-minded individuals wanting to develop their smallholding ambitions. We hold meetings at various locations across the county, so as to minimize the amount of travel.  

The meetings take many forms but are primarily

  • opportunities to learn new skills from other members or invited experts

  • to share knowledge and experience with fellow smallholders.

In addition they are an opportunity to meet other smallholders.

members map 2019.jpg

This is a map showing approximately where our members live.

As you can see we are spread all across the county.


To quote one of our members on the subject of the joys of smallholding "it’s as much about our environment as it is about food: working in harmony with nature, caring for our land; reducing our energy consumption; the broader education of our children; work-life balance and the satisfaction of a hard day’s labour. Aspirational as yet in many respects, we have much to learn, but also time to reflect."


Another member simply describes smallholding as "the perfect antidote to the day job"

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